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  • Teaching to Transgress by Bell Hooks

  • Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit 

  • Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools by Jonathon Kozol 

  • Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality (Qualitative Studies in Psychology) by Ben Kirshner

  • Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education by Samuel Seidel


Other Media 


  • Have you Heard Podcast with Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider 

  • #firstdayfirstimage - Instagram hashtag asking art educators to rethink the canons they create for their curriculum starting with the first image shown. The tag is for showing our chosen first images and what new histories might look like

  • Black Contemporary Art- Tumblr blog featuring art by and about people of African descent 

Professional Development Resources for Teaching Artists

Determining Your Pay Rate & Funding Options

Teaching Artist Hiring Organizations

Providence-based Organizations

  • Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth

  • New Urban Arts

  • AS220, AS220 Youth

  • Community Music Works

  • RISD Museum

  • Trinity Repertory

  • DownCity Design

  • GirlsRock RI

  • Everett Company Stage & School


  • VSA Arts

  • The Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA)

  • Providence After School Alliance

  • Resources for Human Development

  • FirstWorks

  • Manton Avenue Project


Beyond Providence

  • Newport Art Museum

  • Bristol Art Museum

  • Riverzedge (Woonsocket)

  • The Artists Exchange

  • Four Corners Art Center (Tiverton)

  • Boys & Girls Club of America

  • Ocean State Community Libraries

  • The Empowerment Factory (Pawtucket)

  • The Gamm Theatre

  • ArtsAlive!

  • Lifespan

  • Jamestown Art Center

  • RI Philharmonic


Around the Table: "At the Drawing Board" 

Open Source Project Proposals

In this final session of Around the Table, "At the Drawing Board" workshop participants reflected upon the conference sessions they attended and used what they had learned to develop potential project plans in response to prompts that were site-specific, partnership organization specific, and age specific.  Collaborating in small groups, ideas from this workshop session are now an open source reference for teaching artists and educators to use in their own practices.


Name of Project: Building Our Story

Project Description: Collaborative / 3D mural (interactive), based on student identities and experiences (south side/ west end). Includes digital modeling fabrication and programming.

Project Timeline: After-school, (1-5 hrs) 2x/wk, 10 wks (Jan-March 2020). Week 1: Intro and History. Week 2: Elements of art and principles of design (professional muralist). Week 3 and 4: Design process - ideate, prototype (development/drafting). Week 5: Final draft. Week 6-9: Fabrication/documentation. Week 10: Installation and opening reception.

Contributions: Wall space (school), found/recycled materials (community), metal (steel yard), access to machinery and other fabrication resources (AS220), Transportation. Cotential partnerships/collaboration: AS220, steel yard, local hardware store, local art supply store, modern device, local muralist.

Instructional Supplies List: Paint, buckets and brushes, rollers and pans, drop cloths, chalk, projector, gloves, masks, fasteners, ladders, rags, water/slop sink, drill and bits, power source/extension cords, wood, snacks/drinks.


Name of Project: Why Save the Bay?

Project Description: Collaborative interactive art installment, the public will be able to interact with the Bay with multiple senses through student contribution of research, art, intergenerational integration. Students will reflect on the history and  importance of the Bay, current and future environmental conditions. Main goal: building student agency and leadership using environmental science and art.

Project Timeline: 1-2 years. Fall Semester 1: Research, writing - choose medium. Spring Semester 2: Field trips, gather materials. Fall Semester 3: Build and create - design process. Spring Semester 4: Installation and presentation and celebration.

Contributions: Save the Bay, Narragansett Bay Commission, PBS, CityArts, PC, URI, RISD, Teaching Artists - clay, video

Instructional Supplies List: Building Materials, space to do building.

Name of Project: Fire Flash and Fashion: Jewelry Creation

Project Description: A 10 week after-school workshop where middle school students design, create, photograph and showcase jewelry.

Project Timeline: Week 1: Intro to jewelry - visual exploration. Week 2: Design process, sketch, wire wrap. Week 3: Clay prototype, share and confer. Week 4: metal clay, molding, add stones. Week 5: kiln firing/artist statements. Week 6: big reveal/ written descriptions. Week 7: photo session: intro and shoot. Week 8: photo session: edit and print. Week 9: set up show. Week 10: showcase and reflection.

Contributions: Metalsmith: jewelry instruction, photographer: photo instruction, school: space, non-profit: materials and publicity.

Instructional Supplies List: jewelry tools, kiln, clay, books, printing, cameras, computers, lightbox, metal clay.

Name of Project: Restorative Recycling on the Blackstone River

Project Description: Educating our 5th grade students (Bernon and Savoie) about the causes and damage done to the river from past manufacturing practices.

Project Timeline: January to June 2020, October 2020

Contributions: DEM, Save the Bay, Autumn Fest Parade, Museum of Work and Culture, Blackstone River Tour, Landfill Tour

Instructional Supplies List/Instructors: Eli Nixon, Kim Pierce, Kim Dube, recycled materials, various art materials


Name of Project: The State of the Ocean

Project Description: Teaching 9th grade students about the human - environment interchange, ocean health, and helping them develop a connection to and care for the environment through field trips to the bay/ocean/environment. Artistic expression through found objects, movement, creative writing and reading Marrow Thieves. Final exhibition/ performance.

Project Timeline: 1 year, 30-35 weekly meetings of artists, possibly two artists splitting the year.

Contributions: Save the Bay, science teacher, english teacher, history teacher, math teacher, 9th grade theme, cross curriculum in school


Name of Project: Evening of the Arts

Project Description: Working with students to meet literary education standards while showing original and historical work.

Project Timeline: 15 weeks, pay 100 an hour

Contributions: Teaching artists, school (classroom space to teach, performance and creating space)

Instructional Supplies List: Books, textbooks, music books, pens, paper, markers, rulers, staplers, tape.


Name of Project: ELA Competencies Via Artwork

Project Description: 3 stations in the museum - each in front of a different piece. 3 different competencies - one at each station - a teaching artist who specializes in each competency at each station. 

Project Timeline: 3 45 minute class visits to create relationships, 1 museum, 40 minutes per station.

Contributions: Artist, dialogue/activity about an art work, writer, 3D artist (recreate a 2D piece and a 3D piece).

Instructional Supplies List: Clay, notebooks, wood, bus, artist, $5,000


Name of Project: Arts in Action

Project Description: Promoting open dialogue about complex cultural and societal conflict (gun violence in America) through interdisciplinary workshops culminating with a multimedia performance.

Project Timeline: Once a week for 2 hrs ( 36 weeks in a school year). 18 weeks: guest speakers, etc. 18 weeks: teaching artists. 1) Education, 2) Skills, 3) performance.

Contributions: Space rental, field trips, guest speakers (3 second term teaching artists), tech person, project coordinator, 2 year long teaching artists, marketing/publicity, transportation

Instructional Supplies List: projector, sound system, notebooks/pencils/paper/art supplies, snacks, t-shirts.