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“Jade came to me this morning and said, ‘Mommy I am so excited’. When I asked her why, she replied, ‘Because today is Thursday and I have City Arts, I love City Arts!’

I need you all to know that you are valued. Even at a distance, you are making a difference in my little one's life. I know it can't be easy during this difficult time, but you guys are doing great! 


Big Thanks From a Very Happy Mom”

Every day at ¡CityArts! paint swirls onto canvas and slabs of clay are transformed into magical sculptures. Stories are brought to life through plays, comics, poems, and raps. Laptops open and young people remotely connect and create with gifted teaching artists. Friendships form and blossom. It’s all free and it’s all for young people like the young artists quoted throughout this letter. 


These young artists are just a few of the 500 youth ages 8 - 14 who engage with the arts each year through our afterschool and summer camp programs. As ¡CityArts! continues to grow we look forward to cultivating community with new members, and we’re asking you to help keep our programs free and accessible. Access to quality art-making opportunities is increasingly scarce, especially for residents of Providence. When our kids learn how to express themselves through creative work they practice exploring who they are, what they value about themselves, and how to appreciate what is special about our city. By supporting the city’s next generation of photographers, painters, dancers, and designers,  you are directly investing in Providence’s future - no middleman.


Our community partners across the city can testify to the quality of our arts programming and our young artists. This year ¡CityArts! partnered with Providence Public Schools, Partnership for Providence Parks, Providence After School Alliance, and institutions of higher education, including Brown University, Johnson and Wales, Providence College, and the Rhode Island School of Design. We have nurtured these partnerships over the 28 years ¡CityArts! has been of service.


By becoming part of our circle of friends, you too can inspire and support dreams. Keeping quality programs free of charge is not free.  Your tax-deductible year-end gift means that art is accessible to more young artists who otherwise may not have creative, safe, and supportive places to go after school. Becoming a patron of ¡CityArts! demonstrates a measurable commitment to the flourishing of young artists.  Art is a vital part of education, and cannot exist without your committed support. 


From all of us at Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth, thank you for your support.



Taylor Jackson 

Executive Director 

... and all our ¡CityArts! staff, teaching artists, youth, community, and Board


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