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Meaningful Memes

Ages 11-14

Mondays & Wednesdays


Explore how social media has shaped us and art! Create work based off the ideas, images, and text seen in social media. Learn skills in painting, typography and drawing.






Digital Media

Ages 11-14

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Learn to use digital media to create your own videos in our digital media lab! Using these new skills, you and your classmates will work together to submit a collaborative film to the Providence Children’s Film Festival!


My Dream Room

Ages 8-10

Mondays & Wednesdays


Work with mixed media to collaborate on an art space that is cozy and welcoming! Create visuals and sounds for the space using painting, drawing, sewing and digital media. Work with your classmates and teaching artist to create a life size room that reflects your ideas of a safe space.




Clay Studio

Ages 8-10

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Create cups, bowls, clay tiles, sculptures and much more! Use clay to turn your ideas into amazing one of a kind objects that will last forever.








Community Lens

Ages 8-12

Mondays & Wednesdays

Work one on one with a Providence College photography student to learn the basics of digital photography. Together, you and your mentor will create a photo portrait of the CityArts community.





CityArts offers different and exciting classes each session. For more information on how to register, follow the link here! 







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