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Student Spotlight: Lia M. Deleon Rosario


¡CityArts! student, Lia M Deleon Rosario, wrote a letter of support to the National Endowment for the Arts this month. She reflects on how her time at ¡CityArts! translated into her life, and helped her become more open to other people and experiences.

Dear National Endowment for the Arts,

I am writing this letter to show my support for Providence CityArts for Youth. CityArts helped me a lot to discover new things about arts and it helped me find myself in many ways. What I like about coming to CityArts is that every time I go I will learn something new and learn new skills and also I can count on many teachers that will dedicate their time to help students become better artists. Some of the art skills that I learned during my time at CityArts are: make DJ mashups, draw people using based shapes, making a person out of clay, make shapes of objects on a 3D printer and also I’m currently learning the skills of animation.

A personal skill that I developed at CityArts is to be more confident by being more open to other students. This has made me more charismatic in both being an artist and as an individual. Without CityArts I would not be this charismatic, charming young artist that over the course of many teachers guiding me and other students new art skills. 


Lia M Deleon Rosario, a proud student at CityArts