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Southside Circle of Hope Brainstorm

On Friday, May 6th ceramic artists Peter Geisser and Mika Seeger visited the CityArts studios on Broad St. and met with a group of

twenty five 8-14 year old artists to brainstorm design ideas for the upcoming RI Foundation Centennial Community Grant mural project. Read the full press release for the project, here!

Students were introduced to the project through a slide show presentation and interactive discussion. The group then took a quick trip to visit the mural site and consider the work done by Munir Mohamad and past CityArts young artists. They observed the composition, subject matter and also noticed the decay and need for revitalization. Youth were then asked to visualize what they would like to see incorporated into a public art piece in their neighborhood. Students came up with a range of ideas: from fantasy landscapes, images of CityArts, motivational quotes, images of diverse communities coming together, and even illustrations depicting the happenings of the food market  where the mural will be painted and installed. Students created mixed media drawings to represent their ideas and shared their creative voices with the guest artists and their peers.

The following week, on Thursday, May 12th, the two artists joined the ¡CityArts! Creative Scholars Studio after school program at DelSesto Middle School to continue the brainstorming process. The youth of CityArts and DelSesto Middle School will be invited to incorporate their ideas into the mural through painting and ceramic projects.


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