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EDTAP Success Series: Victoria Rey

The ¡CityArts! blog presents the EDTAP Success Series.  Follow our five full-time AmeriCorps Expanded Day Teaching Artists as they use art to help teach math, reading, social studies, and more at two Providence middle schools, Roger Williams MS and Nathan Bishop MS.

In this post, EDTAP member Victoria Rey introduces us to one of three PASA AfterZones where ¡CityArts! provides after-school learning opportunities.

In our AfterZone ¡CityArts! Crafts class, we made soap. We used simple materials: glycerine, olive oil, and a gentle scent. This activity showed our students that products they use every day could be made in their kitchen without all kinds of additives. Students then made containers for their soap and gifted the bars to family and friends.

For me, this was a great opportunity to get to know many of my students outside of the music classroom. This session of AfterZone, several former and current music students are taking ¡CityArts! Crafts, and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know them in another setting.”



2011-2012 Full-time AmeriCorps EDTAP member