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Clyde Lawrence Band Visits & Collaborates With Creative Scholars

On a normal day, Gilbert Stuart Middle School is filled with the music of sneakers squeaking and lockers slamming. Earlier this month, ¡CityArts!

students filled one classroom with a different kind of sound.

The students in Sumner Becker and Katie Gui’s Creative Scholars class were treated to a workshop on the Blues by musicians from local soul-pop act The Clyde Lawrence Band. Students learned about the history of the Blues, completed Blues themed paintings, and wrote original Blues lyrics of their own on topics like bullying, sleeping, and fast food. Sumner invited his band-mates as a special treat.

Guest artists, Clyde Lawrence and Peter Enriquez, discussed the Blues, improvisation, and life as musicians while playing the students’ original songs.

Listen to Clyde and Peter bring our students’ lyrics to life!