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Valerie June meets AmeriCorps Teaching Artists working in Providence’s Roger Williams Middle School

Valerie June (left) talking with AmeriCorps teaching artist, Jess  Artigliere at Rogers.
Roger Williams Middle School was alive with excitement when singer songwriter Valerie June came to visit early this month. CityArts was there to support this program, and all were delighted when “Miss Valerie,” Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and representatives from the Kennedy Center came to see the classroom of CityArts’ Americorps teaching artist, Jess Artigliere, and her teaching partner, Bob Boerner. The team co-created a unit that explored cave painting and writing as a form of technology, communication and “public art.” As Emily Pytell, Turnaround Arts National Implementation Manager said:
“It was great to see Jess’ and CityArts work in Roger Williams. It so beautifully complements and strengthens the work Turnaround Arts seeks to do.  Turnaround Arts is happy to lift up and support the work of CityArts, as well.”